PETITE MORT Recollections of a Queer Public

Carlos Motta in collaboration with Joshua Lubin-Levy
Petite Mort: Recollections of a Queer Public
 Casuarina beach Northern Territory is a nudist beach between the Arafura and Timor Sea.



Zapf de Pipi
1 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Russia

The cold temperatures of russian winter offered the chance to build our first museum ice sculpture.
Some 200 thousand kidneys supported gelatin by donating a watery solution of metabolic wastes (such as urea), dissolved salts and organic materials.
After some weeks the "Zapf de Pipi" turned into a handsome 7 meter tall and one meter fat pipi amber colored iceicle.
Visitors had to enter a traditional fairytale hut to access the iceicle, hanging outside into the courtyard of the Moscow Lenin Museum. This hut was mainly built to keep the cold temperatures outside the museum halls and to offer some privacy, but was soon transformed to a public bulletin board filled with hundreds of graffiti tags on its wooden walls.

Orgasm Chart & Body Parts

The painter looks through to the other side of the hole / In search of the White Rabbit, 2004/2007
A collaborative piece with Terence Koh in the form of a double toilet cubicle, the adjoining wall faced in mirrored plexi, and joined by a gloryhole. The work is intended to have a (secret) performative aspect.

In the back ground, AA Bronson's self-portrait AA Bronson, August 22, 2000. In the foreground, another collaboration with Terence Koh: The sculptor looks through to the other side of the hole / In search of the White Knave, 2007

Wilde, Oscar. Salome: a tragedy in one act: translated from the French of Oscar Wilde: pictured by Aubrey Beardsley.

Forbidden words: taboo and the censoring of language

A sentence of two years hard labor all but killed Wilde.
He was released in May 1897 and died in Exile in November 1900, 
at the age of forty - six.

His mortification is expressed in Ce Profundis and the Ballad 
of Reading Goal. The biography of Oscar Wilde is a tragic story, 
and many less celebrated homosexual men have suffered almost as much.
Buggery is penile - anal intercourse. In Middle English buggery originally
meant heretic after a Bulgar sect (bugger - budgar). Buggery, colloquially browning, is a heretical practice because, in the eye of the church and state, it is an abomination. The last man to be hanged for buggery in Britain died in 1835; but until the second half of the twentieth century, homosexuality was very secretive. Like Oscar Wilde, many middle and upper class male homosexuals has affairs with people of their own class, but also engaged in casual encounters with rough trade. It was a way for the lower class to earn a bob or two and experience some of the benefits of a richer life. In 1967, homosexual acts in private between consenting men were decriminalized in the UK. Nonetheless, the numerous convictions for gross indecency (which excludes buggery) have barely dropped off. Entrapment is common for gays and cruising for trade on streets and in cottages 'public toilets '. Men accused of soliciting in bars and theaters may merely have been construed as procuring. Section 28 of Local Government Act 1988 explicitly forbids promoting homosexuality or presenting it as an established family relationship; this has led to the banning of books, plays, school discussion, and gay and lesbian youth groups. The 1988 Act also mentions spread of disease, apparently a euphemism for concern about the spread of HIV/AIDS. 
Themes of indecency, corruption, buggery and a phobic threat to the sanctity of family values - based on a heterosexual family - put queers under a cloud in the eyes of government agents. Queers are thoughtlessly and wrongfully assumed to be pedophiles with a preference for rape, and it is felt that society should protect young people rather than champion abstract liberties.

By Keith Allan, Kate Burridge

In 1995, Bernhard Mendes Bürgi, director of the Kunsthalle Zurich, invited Christian Philipp Müller to exhibit there. Müller integrated three other artists into the exhibition — the Swiss artist Ursula Biemann as well as Americans Tom Burr and Mark Dion — and suggested a site-specific project focusing on Zurich’s “Platzspitz.” The Platzspitz is a central park in Zurich at the confluence of the Limmat and Sihl rivers.

diagram of a toilet with an excrement shelf

german toilet

primary toilet seat dimensions

Natzweiler camp

graffiti on a toilet door

communal men's public toilet

Lisa Kelly's portable toilet for Occular Lab 

The Toilet of Venus by Diego Velazquez 
(Baroque in Spain) 1651

The Toilet of Venus

Oil on canvas, 108,3 x 85,1 cm
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841 - 1919)

Oil on Canvas